New Orleans airline announces non-stop service to Shreveport, Little Rock and Memphis

Sep 30, 2015

A new charter airline plans to start twice-weekday, non-stop flights between Shreveport and New Orleans in November. New Orleans-based Glo made the announcement Tuesday at a press conference at Shreveport Regional Airport.

Shreveport Airport Authority board chairwoman Mary Jackson talks with Glo CEO Trey Fayard following Tuesday's announcement of non-stop flights between Shreveport and New Orleans.
Credit Kate Archer Kent

CEO Trey Fayard launched Glo two years ago to focus on what he found to be a lack of direct flights among cities in the Gulf Coast and Mid-South regions. He says the flights in and out of Shreveport and Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport will cost about $370 roundtrip on a 30-passenger Saab 340B. He says he’ll keep an eye on Shreveport for other route opportunities.

“We don’t just see New Orleans as the only opportunity for some place like Shreveport. There’s a lot going on up here. We’ve been working with the director and a lot of people in the community to identify other markets. We’re not there yet. We’ll get this one in first to see how we do and see how we go,” Fayard said, who is also a New Orleans attorney.

Shreveport Airport Authority’s interim director Bill Cooksey says he’s worked with dozens of people over the years who have wanted to do what Fayard accomplished. But launching a public charter airline is no easy task. Cooksey says US Airways ended its non-stop flight between New Orleans and Shreveport in 2004. That historical data, he says, proved valuable to Fayard’s business plan.

“After four-and-a-half years, and a lot of research, we feel like he has come together with a business model that makes complete sense for the Shreveport market flying Shreveport Regional to New Orleans International. We’re excited to see this after four-plus years of work,” Cooksey said.

Shreveport Airport Authority's interim director Bill Cooksey stands next to the Glo poster announcing service to three markets.
Credit Kate Archer Kent

Glo also will offer non-stop flights from New Orleans to Little Rock, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn. It will offer weekend flights to the three cities as well.

Fayard says when service starts Nov. 15, the company will have 30 employees with four positions yet to be filled to date.