More La. COVID-19 Patients At Higher Mortality Risk

Apr 2, 2020

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

LA COVID-19 DEATHS -  Louisiana  coronavirus  patients are more likely to die from the infection than those with COVID-19 in almost every other state.  That’s according to recent health statistics that  show  the  state  has  the  second highest per capita death rate overall  behind New York.    During his COVID-19 Update press conference yesterday -- Gov. John Bel Edwards said a contributing factor  is  that  Louisiana  has  more chronic health conditions  per-capita than most states. 

"We have individuals who are dying in greater numbers because they have diabetes in greater numbers,'explained Edwards."Because they have kidney disease in greater numbers, because of the obesity. Those are the three chronic conditions for most of that."

Credit La. Dept. of Health

Five Southern Louisiana parishes are among the top 13 suffering the worst per capita death rates among U.S. counties. Those  include   St. John the Baptist , Orleans Jefferson , St. Charles,  and Ascension parishes.