LSUS Offers Workshop For 1st Generation College Students

Nov 7, 2019

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

FIRST GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENTS -   This next story deals with higher education and the challenges new college students face,  especially – first generation college students. who are the first in their immediate family to attend college.  Many face unique challenges than students who have had family members go to college as they don’t have a knowledge basis of understanding the culture or navigating what can be a complicated environment. This Friday – there’s a special event taking place at LSUS to help first-generation students have a better academic and social experience in college.

Paula Atkins, Associate Vice Chancellor / Dean of Students  says  the "First Generation Celebration - Pushing Through Imposter Syndrome" is geared towards increasing better awareness of resources for students and faculty in dealing with first generation college student issues.

University Center on the campus of LSU in Shreveport
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"First generation students often don't have the cultural capital to understand or to interpret the higher education environment and they feel like they don't belong,"explained Atkins. "So this is an opportunity for them to learn that they do belong and identify what some of their strengths are  that can help them be successful."

The First Generation College Students Workshop at LSUS  takes place tomorrow-  Friday, November 8 at 11:00am in the Student Success Center  at the  Noel Memorial Library  



FIRST GENERATION CELEBRATION - "Pushing through Imposter Syndrome"