Louisiana In Path Of Tropical Storm Barry

Jul 12, 2019

TROPICAL STORM BARRY - The National Hurricane Center released this map predicting the path of Tropical Storm Barry on 07/12/19.
Credit Courtesy: National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Barry is gaining strength as it reaches the Louisiana coastline,  Governor John Bel Edwards  held a press conference yesterday for an update.

"We're anticipating a Category 1 Hurricane at landfall which we believe will be at Saturday morning," Edwards explained. "And it will be in  the central coastal area in and around Morgan City."

Edwards emphasized that the storm will be a major weather event bringing heavy amounts of rainfall which will likely result in flooding.  He requested a federal emergency disaster declaration ahead of the storm, President Trump declared a Federal 

TROPICAL STORM BARRY UPDATE - Governor John Bel Edwards held a second press conference regarding storm status 07/11/19.
Credit Courtesy: Office of the Governor, State of La.

Emergency Disaster last night.  Mandatory evacuations have been issued for some Louisiana coastal communities as the storm strengthens.  Rainfall amounts are expected to be as much as 10 to  25 inches in some areas.  The National Hurricane Center reports Barry is about 80 miles off Louisiana’s coast moving at 5mph with 50mph sustained winds, and is expected to make landfall sometime Saturday morning.