Louisiana Passes 1,000 Covid-19 Deaths

Apr 15, 2020

Credit Courtesy: La Dept of Health

LA COVID-19 UPDATE -  Louisiana  reached a somber milestone Tuesday  as its corona virus death toll passed  more than 1,000.   During his COVID-19 Update  yesterday  afternoon --Gov. John Bel Edwards revealed the parishes with the most deaths reported for Tuesday.

"The top three parishes for today's deaths are Orleans with 32, Jefferson with 24, Caddo with 17," Edwards said. "I hope the gravity of this resonates with everyone."

Edwards  expressed  concerns that too many people are disobeying his stay-home order and putting Louisiana at risk for a new spike in coronavirus infections. During  the  update,  the head of Louisiana’s Department of Corrections  Joe LeBlanc explained the state  will consider temporary furloughs of up to 1,200  inmates. The move is a bid to lessen the virus’s  potential  spread  among  inmates and corrections staff  within the close confines of prison facilities.

Joe LeBlanc, Louisiana Department of Corrections
Credit Courtesy: La. Governor Facebook page

"We have created the Covid-19 furlough review panel to evaluate certain non-violent, non-sex offenders for suitability ," LeBlanc said. 

LeBlanc  said  the  move follows the same  federal  guidelines  set by  the Department of Justice  U.S. Attorney General William Barr. Conditions of the release would require the furloughed inmates to wear an ankle monitor and remain under house incarceration; any inmate who violates the terms of the release would have the furlough cancelled.