Louisiana Launches Website For Business Reopening

May 5, 2020

Opensafely.la.gov is a new website that allows Louisiana businesses to receive guidance regarding the phases of reopening.
Credit Courtesy: Louisiana.gov

LA BIZ REOPENING GUIDELINES – Louisiana  Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Monday the state is launching a website to help businesses navigate the reopening  process  as  coronavirus  cases  and deaths  trend  downward.

"It will allow businesses to get the exact social distancing and sanitation guidelines that they need for each phase of our reopening," Edwards explained. " And it will get that information before we get to that face so they can do what is necessary to prepare."

PHASED IN APPROACH - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards explained a new website to help businesses in Louisiana learn more about the phases to reopening for business.
Credit Courtesy: Louisiana Governors Office

The website, opensafely.la.gov, allows businesses to register and get updates about the state's phased approach to reopening. The website also provides phase-by-phase guidance for different types of businesses and allows consumers to file complaints if businesses are not following requirements. 

Louisiana State Fire Marshall's Office will be overseeing the opensafely.la.gov website.
Credit Courtesy: Louisiana State Fire Marshall

The latest update from the Louisiana Department of Health website reveals there have been 29,673 Covid-19 cases  and 1,991 deaths reported.  More than 20,000 cases are presumed recovered.