Longview Mayor Affirms Positive Future For City

Dec 3, 2018

Credit Courtesy: City of Longview, TX Facebook

MAYOR'S STATE OF THE CITY -  The Longview, Texas Chamber of Commerce held a membership luncheon  last week during which city of Longview Mayor  Andy Mack delivered a state of the city address.  Mack  presented  a  special video featuring young students from various schools in the Longview area to offer a different point of view as to hopes for the city’s future.

"It's simple, I wanted to hear what these kids thought about Longivew. What they love, what they want to see improve," explained Mack. "I thought it would be great for us to hear from them for a change so we can be thinking about what we can be doing to prepare Longview for their future. Because that's the future of 

Andy Mack, Mayor - Longview, Texas
Credit Courtesy: City of Longview, TX Facebook

Longview, what you see on these screens today."

The mayor also cited current gains in sales tax revenues compared with previous years when oil and gas revenues were in decline whic affected the regional economy.

"Our latest sales tax numbers are trending upward at approximately 10% better than previous years," explained Mack."What does that 10% mean to us as a city?  It means about $165,000 a month that we're seeing that we didn't plan for and didn't have last year."

STATE OF THE CITY - Andy Mack, mayor of Longview, Texas presents annual State of the City address at Longview Chamber of Commerce membership luncheon, Nov. 28, 2018.
Credit Courtesy: City of Longview, TX Facebook

Mack explained that Longview’s revenues took a hit for 17 consecutive months between March 2015 to July 2016 which resulted in a $2.2 million drop in sales tax revenues.   Mack also mentioned  the recent  Nov. 6 bond election which  voters approved.  The bond’s passage will usher in an  estimated   $104 million in improvement projects to local parks, streets and public safety facilities.