La. Republican Lawmakers Block Emergency Election Plan

Apr 16, 2020

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

PLAN OPPOSED - Republican lawmakers in Louisiana  have blocked an emergency plan by Republican Secretary of State   Kyle  Ardoin to expand early voting and mail-in balloting options for Louisiana’s  July  presidential  primary  in response  to the  coronavirus.   Fellow Republicans  opposed Ardoin’s   proposal as they objected to  broadening of Louisiana’s current allowances for people to vote absentee by mail.

The Secretary of State’s  plan  has  come  on  the heels of the recent election in Wisconsin where lawmakers there prevented people from safely voting by mail and instead having them vote in person at polls during the Coronavirus outbreak-  Speaking before the committee vote, Ardoin  had this to say:

Kyle Ardoin, (R) Louisiana Secretary of State appearing before the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee 4.15.20
Credit Courtesy: La. Senate Video Archives

"The images coming out of Wisconsin's election last week were shocking,"Ardoin exclaimed. "Individuals waiting in lines for upwards of five hours to vote. I will do everything in my power to keep that from happening here. Additionally, the Wisconsin's state leadership's tepid response to the crisis has been universally panned with the Republican party receiving most of the scorn."

On a 5-1 party-line vote, the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee rejected an emergency certification that would’ve  allowed Ardoin to move forward,  They suggested Ardoin to  return later with a new proposal.  But Ardoin  said  he's not certain he can negotiate a redesigned plan in time to order supplies he’ll need to conduct a safe election.