KLDN Repairs Underway

Here is an update for KLDN listeners.   While the transmitter at Lufkin did not suffer damage, the antenna at the top of the tower was damaged rather severely.   We are operating at very low power, which we may be able to increase somewhat throughout the weekend.  The repair parts must be fabricated by the manufacturer as antennas like these are custom made.  (There are no off-the-shelf parts for these.)  There are also no ready back-up antennas obtainable before the repairs would be completed, which we expect to take about a week.  Parts have been ordered and we've requested they be expedited.   Once the parts arrive, a tower crew will repair the antenna.    Meanwhile, we apologize for the inconvenience and remind you that you may still stream all three channels from our website.   This notification will be updated as more information is obtained.