Islamic Art Exhibit & Class Offered In Bossier This Weekend

Jan 18, 2019

ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY - Art from the Islamic world consists of beautification of religious words.
Credit Courtesy: MOLY I LOVE ART Series

ISLAMIC ART EXHIBIT & CLASS – When it comes to art, most people would immediately think of paintings of landscapes, nature, architecture, or portraits of people.  But in the Islamic world, there  is  no such art  because  those who believe in Islam  feel one should not try to replicate the works of God.  But  this   hasn’t  prevented  a  type of Islamic art.    This weekend (Saturday Jan 19th)  there will be an Islamic Art Class and Exhibition offered in Bossier City.  Hina Chaudry is the artist who will be teaching this class, she explains more.

"In Islam we aren't allowed to portray living creatures in our art so the best thing for us to do our art is to beautify the word of God. So the highest form of Islamic 

Hina Chaudry is artist who specializes in Islamic Calligraphy.Credit Courtesy: Hina Chaudry
Credit Courtesy: Hina Chaudry

art is calligraphy," explained Chaudry. "And that's what I teach in my classes.  Typically what you see in art that is Islamic there's lots of unique patterns and ways of writing the same things, you know for example God. You could write God in so many different ways and the letters are exactly the same but it looks completely different."

Artist Hina Chaudry  will be teaching  The Islamic Art Class  that takes place this Saturday at Masjid Al Noor  in Bossier City  and  to learn more:  Go to EventBrite.Com and Search Islamic Art Class Bossier City. There is a fee for the class.