Ida Delays LA Elections, Deaths From Generator Use

Sep 10, 2021

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

LA IDA AFTERMATH UPDATE -  In  his press conference yesterday, Governor John Bel Edwards  gave updates about Hurricane Ida recovery but he also took a moment to inform citizens that upcoming fall elections will have a month’s delay  as many parishes  are  still from  recovering  from  Hurricane  Ida.

"So the elections that would have been held on October the 9th will be held on November 13th.  And the general elections for run offs  that would have been held on November 13th will be held on December 11th." Edwards explained.

Three days ago Louisiana’s Secretary of State  Kyle Ardoin  asked the governor to change fall election dates as Hurricane Ida impacted polling locations, mail delivery,  and voter registration operations,  to name just a few reasons.     Early voting  is also  rescheduled  for both election dates, and for more information and updates Louisiana voters  are encouraged  to visit the Secretary of State’s  website:  at

Credit Courtesy: LDH

As of Thursday, there have been 26 storm-related deaths according to state officials.  Edwards mentioned 11 of those  who  died  were  from Orleans Parish, and  9 deaths  out of 11 were from carbon  monoxide  poisoning  from using portable generators due to storm-related power outages.  Louisiana Department of Health’s Medical Director Joseph  Kanter  says people using generators need to remember three basic things for safe generator use.

"Please recognize how dangerous it can be,  always outside, always well away from the house, and always in conjunction with functioning carbon monoxide detectors that are inside your house," Kanter said.

Dr. Kanter also said Louisiana that while Covid-19 is still making a significant impact on the state,  Louisiana’s vaccination rate has improved as more than 42% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated  and  50% have received at least one dose.