History Of Longview 150 Stories Podcast At Local Library

Feb 6, 2020

Main Library Branch, City of Longview, Texas
Credit Courtesy: City of Longview, TX

LONGVIEW PODCAST-  2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Longview, Texas.  The city has planned events throughout the year, including the 150 stories podcast project  by the Longview Library.  Our reporter Suzanne Scribner spoke with Longview library director Jennifer Eldridge about the project.

The citizens of Longview have been crucial to the growth of the city over the years.  Through May 2020, the Longview Library has embarked on a quest to honor this contribution by recording and archiving at least 150 stories from Longview residents.  Director Eldridge discusses plans for the recorded memories.

Jennifer Eldridge, director of Longview Library and Zack Methvin, 150 Stories Podcast participant and descendant of Longview founder O.H. Methvin.
Credit Courtesy: Suzanne Scribner, Red River Radio

“We are taking those memories and were putting them on the podcast.  The podcast is Longview 150stories.podbean.com and we are playing snipes of them then we are digitial archiving the audio recordings at the library. ” 

The library even has some recordings by Longview’s Founder’s OH Methvin's  direct descendant Zack Methvin.  Zack explains why he wanted to participate in the project

“Because I think it is really important that everyone in the city of Longview needs to know how the city came to be, where this all came from and who started it.”

That report was filed by our Longview reporter Suzanne Scribner – To participate in the 150 Stories of Longview Podcast – You need to  Contact the Longview Library’s Technical Services Librarian to arrange for a recording session.  The library will also accept recordings made at home.

To find out more about the Longview libraries 150 Stories podcast, contact the technical services librarian, call: 903- 237-1350