Gov Edwards Weighs In On 2019 Arrest Video Of Ronald Greene

May 26, 2021

Freezeframe from LSP bodycam video of Ronald Greene arrest.
Credit Louisiana State Police

GOV EDWARDS ON GREENE VIDEO -  Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has denounced the deadly 2019 arrest of Ronald Greene as “regrettable,” criticizing  the state  troopers  who repeatedly stunned, choked and punched the Black motorist.  Greene died while in custody.  The Democratic governor's response to reporters Tuesday at the state Capitol came nearly a week after The Associated Press began publishing previously unreleased body camera footage of the arrest. 

"They don't represent what we aspire to in the state of Louisiana at the Louisiana State Police," Edwards said. "Especially once Mr. Greene was not just in custody but was restrained and that's why this matter is under investigation."

"They don't represent what we aspire to in the state of Louisiana at the Louisiana State Police." Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana

Governor John Bel Edwards addresses questions about the video of Ronald Greene's arrest being released 05.25.21.
Credit Courtesy: LPB

These were Edwards' most extensive comments yet on the incident.  The case is the subject of local, state and  federal investigations.  Of the three troopers being investigated,  one has since died in a car crash after learning he was about to be terminated, one is on leave and has been notified of upcoming termination, and one has received a reprimand, a temporary suspension, and has since returned to active duty pending outcome of review by state and federal authorities. 

- Louisiana State Police YouTube Channel with links to bodycam videos of the 2019 arrest of Ronald Greene.