Gov Edwards Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Storm

Jul 11, 2019

FLOODING - New Orleans received as much as 8 inches of rainfall due to storm brewing in the Gulf on Wednesday (07/10/19)
Credit Courtesy: WWNO New Orleans

STORM CONCERNS - A potential tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico presents troubles for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi : there’s the  possibility that the flooded Mississippi River will be topping its  levees this weekend, and there’s a danger of flash floods like the one that occurred  in  New Orleans Wednesday.   Governor John Bel Edwards held a press conference late yesterday to to declare a state of emergency.

"We know this is going to be a Louisiana event in all probability,"Edwards said. " This is going to be a heavy rainfall event across south Louisiana and I want everyone to be mindful that heavy rains could be experienced anywhere across the state."

EMERGENCY DECLARATION - Governor John Bel Edwards announced a state of emergency ahead of a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico that's expected to reach landfall by Friday.
Credit Courtesy: Governor John Bel Edwards Facebook Page

Edwards emphasized that while the storm path is uncertain, much of the state will be affected. Yesterday, the Gulf disturbance  dumped as much as 8 inches  of rain in  just three hours in parts of metro New Orleans  causing flooding in the French Quarter and surrounding area.  There were some unconfirmed reports of tornadoes as well, some cellphone videos on social media showed a funnel cloud near the University of New Orleans campus yesterday. The Storm is expected to strengthen into a tropical depression today, weather forecasters expect it to develop into tropical storm called Barry by Thursday night. The National Hurricane Center predicts it could become a weak hurricane by Friday.

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