Food For Thought: How Nutrition Affects Mental Health

Sep 21, 2018

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

FOOD AFFECTING MENTAL HEALTH: You’ve heard the saying:  You are what you eat..   But have you ever thought about how food can affect your mental health? 

Dr. Nicole Cotter  practices  integrative  medicine  in Shreveport… and she will be having a free lecture at LSUS today focusing on FOOD FOR THOUGHT: How Nutrition Impacts Our Mental Health.   She now shares a preview of her presentation.  (CLICK AUDIO LINK BELOW)

Dr. Nicole Cotter practices integrative medicine in Shreveport, LA.
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Dr. Cotter’s lecture is Free and open to the public. It’s at 11AM this morning in the Science Lecture Auditorium at LSUS  To Learn More: go to