EDWARDS: Louisiana Covid-19 Cases May Be Plateauing But At High Numbers

Jul 29, 2020

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

COVID-19 LOUISIANA-  Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards  said there may be early hopeful signs of a possible COVID-19  plateau in the state,.  During his Covid-19 update yesterday,  Edwards  reported that there were 1,121 new Covid-19 cases in the Louisiana  bringing the total cases reported to 111,038.  While yesterday’s  total new cases  was the lowest number since July 6th, Edwards explained: "One day does not a trend make,"Edwards explained. "Hopefully we will stay moving in that direction moving forward."

However  there was some good news as Edwards revealed there have been fewer hospitalizations.   Edwards expressed concerns about the resurgence of Covid-19 in Louisiana  as he explained the difference in the total number of confirmed cases compared with recoveries is 5 times higher than it was 6 weeks ago. Another factor is an estimate of infected persons who have not been tested.

OPTIMISTIC BUT CONCERNED - Governor John Bel Edwards expressed optimism about fewer hospitalizations but said there are still significant numbers of Covid-19 infections in the state.
Credit Courtesy: LPB

"We don' t know the exact number obviousy,"Edwards said "but the best guess is somewhere between 25 and 40 percent of all covid cases are asymptomatic. And practically speaking, almost asymptomatic people are tested so they are not in these numbers. And even though they are asymptomatic, they are infected and they are infectious."

Edwards  encouraged people to consider cutting the number of times they get out in public, continue social distancing and wear masks to help reduce community spread of the virus.  While he expressed optimism over fewer hospitalizations , he also  added that Louisiana still remains Number One in Per-Capita Covid-19 Cases in the Nation.