Delta Queen Steamboat Cruises To Return

Nov 28, 2018

RIVERBOAT TO RETURN - The Delta Queen is currently undergoing renovations in Houma, LA.
Credit Courtesy: Delta Queen Steamboat Co.

DELTA QUEEN RIVERBOAT VOTE -  The  U.S. House  of Representatives  voted Tuesday  on  legislation that  allows  The DELTA QUEEN  steamboat built in the 1920s to resume taking passengers up and down the Mississippi River and tributaries like the Arkansas River.   Lee Powell, executive director of the Delta Grassroots Caucus, has been advocating for the legislation. He told Arkansas Public Radio the steamboat resuming operations would create 150 jobs and spur tourism and bring broader benefits.  

"It educates people about the history of our region, it exposes people to the natural beauty of the region," explained Powell. "Bbecause if you go traveling through the Mississippi Delta and the Arkansas and Ohio Rivers, it enhances your appreciation of our natural resources and tends to make people deepen their commitment to environmental preservation," 

RIVER CRUISES - The Delta Queen will offer cruises on the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers.
Credit Courtesy: Delta Queen Steamboat Co.

The Delta Queen was taken out of service in 2008 when  Federal  Fire Safety  Exemptions expired.  It currently is undergoing renovations in Houma, Louisiana.  It’s return to service on Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers  is expected to  generate $100 million of economic activity.   The legislation provides an exemption to the 1966 Safety of Life Sea Act  that prohibited large wooden  ships  from  carrying  passengers  on overnight  trips… the Delta Queen Caucus says the Delta Queen is mostly steel has advanced safety features.  The  bill  awaits  President  Trump’s  signature.