City Of Minden Leads Louisiana In Recent Covid-19 Cases

Jul 9, 2021

Credit By Billy Hathorn wiki CC 2.0

  LEADS IN COVID SPIKES  — Louisiana has beaten back several spikes of the coronavirus disease. But the state is seeing troubling new upticks in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations as it struggles to persuade people to get vaccinated.  The most recent data from the Louisiana Department of Health reveals the city of Minden in Northwest Louisiana is leading the state in Covid-19 cases.  After  being contacted by the Region 7’s Medical Director for Northwest Louisiana,  Minden Mayor Terry Gardner  made this announcement on his Facebook page late yesterday.  

"For the state of Louisiana, we’re leading the area right now with COVID cases," Gardner said.

"For the state of Louisiana, we're leading the area right now with COVID cases," Mayor Terry Gardner / Minden, LA

Mayor Gardner indicated two churches in the area had  a large number  of church  members infected with covid  and  also revealed that  some  had been previously  vaccinated. 

"We’re not sure what strain it is. But most of the people who are getting COVID have already had the vaccine so it must be a strain that we’re not vaccinated for," explained Gardner.

Mayor Terry Gardner of Minden, Louisiana
Credit Courtesy: Mayor Gardner Facebook

Gardner also encouraged citizens to practice social distancing,  avoid gathering in large groups, wash hands frequently  and wear masks in public. 

In prior spikes, more than 2,000 COVID-19 patients in Louisiana were hospitalized at a time and dozens of people died from the disease each day. Health care  officials are  concerned  Louisiana could be headed in that direction  again  as the more virulent Delta variant widens its footprint across the state and among states with lower vaccination rates including Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.