Caddo Interfaith Coalition Expresses Concerns On Industrial Tax Exemption Programs

Feb 7, 2018

INTERFAITH & TOGETHER LOUISIANA: Coalition members meet in Shreveport's Government Plaza Monday to express concerns over retroactive industrial tax-exemption program (ITEP) applications they say will cost Caddo Parish schools millions in revenues.
Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

GROUP QUESTIONS  TAX EXEMPTIONS-  A multi-faith coalition of clergy and lay persons along with people from Together Louisiana  have expressed concerns over  recent  applications for Industrial Tax Exemptions  from two companies in Caddo Parish… exemptions they feel would not only hurt Caddo Parish Schools…but are possibly unconstitutional.  A press conference took place Monday  before  a  meeting of the Caddo Commission's Economic Development Committee.  Members of the coalition read from prepared statements citing that if the exemptions applied for by the companies:  Calumet Lubricants and Waxes  

EXPRESSES CONCERNS - Susan Caldwell, member of the Interfaith Coalition summarizes group concerns at a press conference Monday over ITEP applications which may be unconstitutional.
Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

and Inferno Manufacturing are approved it could wind up in a loss of $5.8 million dollars in revenue for Caddo Parish. Coalition Member Susan Caldwell summarized their concerns. "We want to make it clear we are not anti-business nor are we opposed to industrial tax exemptions" explained Caldwell. " We think they should be married to a model of economic development that says invest in us, invest in a skilled workforce, invest  in better roads and bridges. Invest in better pre-K, better investment in our K-12 education.  We could have better sewerage and drainage, and cleaner air.  Caldwell went on to offer information from legal counsel that had the opinion such retroactive tax exemption could be "unconstitutional".   As to the outcome of Monday’s  meeting  the  Economic Development Committee voted 4-1 to recommend approval of Inferno's  exemption application  to  the whole Commission for a vote on Thursday.   Calumet’s applications  were found to be incomplete and were tabled . The Full Caddo Commission meets again this Thursday

Caddo Commissioners during recent work session.
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