Arkansas Medical Pot Growers Anticipate Spring Delivery

Dec 3, 2018

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

ARK MED POT PRODUCERS ON SCHEDULE-  The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration held a meeting  in Little Rock last week to get an update from  certified Cannabis Cultivators as to when medical marijuana will be available to patients who are eligible to receive it.  KUAR Public Radio Daniel Breen files this report.

"The five groups approved to grow medical marijuana gave updates on their progress. Almost all expect to have their product ready for dispensary shelves by next spring. Commission members voted to delay approval for one cultivator to move its facility until attorney general Leslie Rutledge gives a formal opinion.  The cultivator, Delta Medical Cannabis Company was deemed to close Arkansas State  University's campus in  Newport. State law prohibits growing marijuana near a school but the attorney general is likely to clarify the law by next month. Dispensary applications are currently being scored by an outside group and are expected to be awarded at the commission's next meeting December 19th. "
- Daniel Breen, KUAR  News -

Arkansans  legalized  medical marijuana  in  the  November 2016  general election, approving  Amendment 98 to the Arkansas Constitution.    The Arkansas Department of Health  says of the 6,457  patients  approved so far to receive medical marijuana in Arkansas,  most  have  conditions  such as:  post-traumatic stress disorder and osteoarthritis.   The highest number of patients, 31 percent, have intractable pain  that’s  been unresponsive to traditional  treatments  including  surgery.