Ark Gov Says Covid-19 Spread Under Control Despite Recent Rise In Cases

Aug 10, 2020

Credit Courtesy: Arkansas Dept. of Health

ARKANSAS COVID CASES RISE  -    More than 49,000 Arkansans have tested positive for Covid-19. Governor Asa Hutchinson announced on Friday the state saw more than 1,000 positive cases in a single day.  The Covid-19 death toll in Arkansas stands at 544.  During his daily briefing from Little Rock, Hutchinson said he believes the spread of COVID-19 in Arkansas is under control despite the rise in cases.

"Whenever you look at over the last five or six days, it's been very flat," Hutchinson explained. "Obviously today 

Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas during his Covid-19 update on Friday, 080720.
Credit Courtesy: Arkansas Governors Office

there's been a spike up, but you look at the overall trend line and it's flat. Now obviously we want it to go down, but I think whenever it's flat that means it hasn't reached a tipping point that it is out of control,"

The Arkansas Department of Health on Sunday said there are 49,383 confirmed cases in the state.