Area Non-Profits Hit Hard By Covid-19 Ask People To "Give For Good"

Apr 30, 2020

Give For Good is an annual philanthropic event to help more than 240 non-profit organizations in North Louisiana.
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GIVE FOR GOOD -  Nonprofit  organizations  rely heavily on donations to fund their services and operations. For many, fundraising is always a challenge even in good times.  But  it’s  become more of a challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic.   On April 21st --the annual Give-for Good campaign started a two-week run to provide more time for some 240 nonprofit organizations to reach potential donors during this difficult time.    Kristi Gustavson is CEO for the Community Foundation of North Louisiana that oversees this effort.

The Give For Good website allows donors to select the type of non-profit organization they wish to donate directly to and help them receive a pro-rata grant from the Lagniappe fund.
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"With the Covid-19 pandemic our non-profits have been called upon like never before to step up and provide services  to those in our community who were vulnerable before this  or are newly vulnerable due to the pandemic," Gustavson explained. 

Last year’s Give-for-Good campaign raised more than $1.8 million dollars in a 24 hour period.  This year’s final day -- May 5th  is a special 24 hour  giving  challenge  to  highlight  online  philanthropy  efforts  and raise as  much  money  for  each non-profit  organization  as  a  sort  of  competition.

"The reason that we do a 24-hour giving challenge is that it really highlights the work of the non-profits in a way that they're unable to do so individually," Gustavson said.

Kristi Gustavson, CEO - Community Foundation for North Louisiana
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Nonprofits  can  also  receive funds  from  a Laigniappe  Fund, a bonus pool of $200,000  which awards  pro-rata  amounts based on the totals  each organization receives, hence the competitive nature of Give-For-Good.  You can learn more or donate online  to  the non-profit of your choice at  The campaign ends May 5th.    The  Community  Foundation of  North Louisiana  is an underwriter for Red River Radio.