American Rose Center in Shreveport lifts photography fees

Apr 19, 2016

The Gardens of the American Rose Center in Shreveport is relaxing its policy on professional photography in its gardens. It announced Monday it’s repealing its $50 photography fee and $100 deposit that professional photographers had to pay, according to American Rose Society executive director Laura Seabaugh. 

The gardens showcase 20,000 roses in season, with more than 65 of the total 118 acres developed and landscaped, according to the American Rose Society. It has served as the national organization's headquarters since 1974.
Credit American Rose Center

“I really trust the people in our community to take care of this treasure that belongs to the community. To come into our garden to be able to take wedding portraits or any other thing they need, and also take care of our gardens while they’re here,” Seabaugh said.

Seabaugh says the Center only asks photographers to check in with her staff to let them know they are on the grounds taking pictures, and to respect the gardens.