$130 Million From BP-Deep Horizon Spill Settlement For Maurepas Swamp Project

Feb 13, 2020

MAUREPAS SWAMP PROJECT - Governor John Bel Edwards pushes a pin to mark the Maurepas Swamp re-connection project that received funding from the BP-Deepwater Horizon spill settlement.
Credit Courtesy: La. Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

BP SPILL FUNDING - Louisiana will get $130 million in BP/Deepwater Horizon  oil spill money to link its second-largest coastal swamp back up to the Mississippi River.  The RESTORE council made up of officials from the five Gulf states and several federal agencies  voted  to  fund  the  River Reintroduction into the Maurepas  Swamp project.

The announcement was made yesterday by Governor John Bel Edwards;  at  press event  with  the  Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority in Baton Rouge, Edwards  stressed  the  importance  of the project.

"If we let this swamp continue to die off, we would be putting many large communities in the region at risk," Edwards explained.

AREAS TO BENEFIT - Satellite imagery shows the areas to benefit from the Maurepas Swamp River Re-connection project.
Credit Courtesy: La Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority

The Maurepas Swamp project is the biggest project so far in the state's coastal restoration program. It will benefit 45,000 acres of swamp and help provide a barrier from hurricanes for several parish ccommunities.