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Alexander Mikaberidze

Alexander Mikaberidze: Host of Treasures Of The Noel

Former Host of Treasures Of The Noel

Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze is Professor of History and Ruth Herring Noel Endowed Chair for the Curatorship of the James Smith Noel Collection at Louisiana State University-Shreveport. He has taught history at Florida State University and Mississippi State University and lectured on strategy and policy at the U.S. Naval War College and US Military Academy at West Point. He is an award winning author and editor of two dozen books on military history of Europe and the Middle East. Most recently, he has participated in the writing of the critically acclaimed "West Point History of Warfare," official military history textbook of the US Military Academy. He is currently completing his new book on the global impact of the Napoleonic Wars and serves as an editor for the Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars.