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WEEKEND WEATHER  — Weather Forecasters say a weekend storm system will bring snow to some parts of the South and potentially severe thunderstorms to others.  The National Weather Service’s early forecast for the Red River Radio listening area indicates we may see some wintery weather beginning Saturday evening as overnight temperatures should drop into the upper 20’s and remain very cold on Sunday.    Meteorologist Matt Hemingway with the National Weather Service in Shreveport  gave this update.

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LA COVID COUNT - Yesterday, the Louisiana Department of Health reported the second-highest single-day increase in confirmed Coronavirus cases,  Louisiana has almost 300,000 confirmed cases and 7,273 confirmed Covid-19 related deaths.  Hospitalizations are closing in on 2,000 patients.  The LDH news came just before Governor John Bel Edwards held a press conference in Baton Rouge where he addressed the rising numbers and mitigation response in  which he expressed some frustration at those who refuse to follow the public health safety guidelines such as mask-wearing and socia