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POLICE  INTERACTION  VIDEO:   The Texas Education Agency is finalizing a video for high  school  students  and adults  that  is supposed to show how to interact with police officers during a traffic stop.

LA BUDGET SURPLUS:   Governor John Bel Edwards revealed last week  that Louisiana has a $300 Million Dollar Budget Surplus…thanks to a better economy and increased tax collections.  While this would normally be considered good news, this surplus has added to the debate over whether or not the surplus indicates over-taxation.  According to a report in the Shreveport Times,  GOP Lawmakers who voted against the partial sales-tax renewal earlier this year say the surplus demonstrates over-taxation and that Edwards over-exaggerated the depth of Louisiana’s financial problems in

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FOOD AFFECTING MENTAL HEALTH: You’ve heard the saying:  You are what you eat..   But have you ever thought about how food can affect your mental health? 

Dr. Nicole Cotter  practices  integrative  medicine  in Shreveport… and she will be having a free lecture at LSUS today focusing on FOOD FOR THOUGHT: How Nutrition Impacts Our Mental Health.   She now shares a preview of her presentation.  (CLICK AUDIO LINK BELOW)