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Bill Would Expand New Permitless Conceal Carry Rights in Louisiana Even Before Going into Effect


Senate Bill 214 would allow people to conceal carry without a permit in restaurants that serve alcohol.

The new law allowing conceal carry in Louisiana without a permit – could soon be expanded even before it even goes into effect on July 4th.
AsMolly Ryan, with Louisiana Public Radio reports, back on February 29 passed Senate Bill 1 in the special legislative session, allowing anyone at least 18 years of age to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. By the following week, Governor Jeff Landry signed that bill into law on March 5. SB1 goes into effect on July 4. Now, in this second week of the regular legislative session in Baton Rouge, on Tuesday the Louisiana Senate Judiciary C Committee advanced Senate Bill 214. It would expand that law, to allow people to conceal carry in restaurants that serve alcohol without a permit. As it stands now, only people with a valid conceal and carry permit may do so.

U.S. Concealed Carry

It was the author of SB1, State Senator Blake Miguez, a Republican from New Iberia, who has authored SB214, as well. Senator Miguez says he wants to make the conceal carry law uniform for all adults. This new legislation would still prohibit concealed carry for anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A final vote on the bill by the full senate is scheduled for Monday, March 25. If given final approval in the state legislature, and signed into law by the governor, SB214 would become effective August 1, 2024.
The Judiciary C Committee also approved two other measures authored by Sen. Miguez. Senate Bill 152 makes his constitutional carry bill, SB1, include all firearms, not just handguns. His third weapons-related measure, Senate Bill 233, would allow businesses to be penalized, by a fine of up to $1,000 per offense, if they deny entry to an off-duty police officer carrying a concealed gun. The committee also heard from the head of Louisiana’s chapter of the National Rifle Association. Kelby Seanor supports SB233, telling committee members that almost every permitless carry state does not limit where off-duty officers can carry their service weapon(s).

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, and a graduate of the University of Washington, Jeff began his on-air broadcasting career 33 years ago in the Black Hills of South Dakota as a general assignment reporter.
Molly Ryan is a political reporter and covers state politics from the Louisiana Capitol.