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LA Gov Edwards Urges Those Eligible To Get New Covid Booster and Flu Vaccines

Courtesy: Gov JB Edwards Facebook

LATEST VACCINES - The latest Covid booster shot is now available and in Baton Rouge yesterday – Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards joined Senator Regina Barrow, LDH Secretary Courtney Phillips and Dr. Joe Kanter to receive COVID-19 boosters and flu shots. Edwards took a moment to explain that COVID-19 is still here, and the flu season is beginning . He said It’s important to stay up to date with vaccinations to protect ourselves, our families and our communities

“Today 90% of our cases are BA-4, BA-5 (variant) related, they’re Omnicron related, so this specific booster is the most protective shot that you can give with respect to Covid-19. It’s really important that people do that,” Edwards explained.

Courtesy: ldh.la.gov

Edwards said that while many people may think the worst of the pandemic is over he did emphasize that there is still a need to be vigilant and get vaccinated not only for Covid but also for flu as both illnesses can tax the healthcare system if not checked.

“We have 333 people in the hospital today with Covid, and that’s before we start the flu season,” Edwards said. “What we know is that the flu and the Covid both tax the same parts of our healthcare delivery system.”

Edwards said that people who are at risk with co-morbidities are the most vulnerable however he urged everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated for bot Covid and Flu. The latest Covid boosters help fight Omnicron variants. To find out a Vaccine location near you go to


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