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LA Transgender Ban In School Sports Bill Becomes Law, Gov Edwards To Call Special Session For Congressional Redistricting

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Governor Edwards won't sign SB-44 nor veto and a federal court injunction on congressional district mapping will force him to call a special session.

Transgender athletes will be banned from competing on college and K-12 female athletic teams in Louisiana. Approved legislation Senate Bill 44 sponsored by Republican Beth Mizell of Franklinton will become law by default as Governor John Bel Edwards has refused to sign the bill nor will he veto it. Edwards held a press conference after the regular legislative session officially came to an end yesterday. Even though Edwards has said he still opposes the bill, there are enough votes to override a governor’s veto.

“It was obvious to me that after two years, when both the House and the Senate passed it by more than a 2/3rd’s vote and with conversations I had with legislators, especially this year because the scope of the bill was reduced at least slightly when they took out intramural sports that Senate Bill 44 was going to become law whether or not if I signed it or vetoed it. And I think that it’s unfortunate but it is where we are,” Edwards explained.

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Courtesy: LPB
Governor John Bel Edwards (D) during a press conference after the regular session ended on 06.06.22.

The Governor was generally upbeat about the session. He praised a state budget increasing spending on higher education, elementary and secondary school teacher pay raises, and transportation infrastructure.

And after a federal judge in Louisiana blocked the use of a newly drawn map that includes only one mostly Black congressional district, Edwards says he'll call the state's Republican-dominated Legislature into special session to draw up new congressional districts. U.S. District Judge Shelley Dick in Baton Rouge on Monday issued an injunction blocking the use of the new plan. She also ordered lawmakers to adopt a new plan by June 20th. State officials swiftly filed a notice of appeal.