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MJ Foster Promise Program Offers Job Training At LA Community Colleges

Courtesy: MJ Foster Promise website

JOB READY IN TWO YEARS: Employers across the nation are facing worker shortages, especially for jobs that require certain skills. But a new program is about to begin to possibly help fill the employment gaps. Beginning in July, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System will offer training in five growing industry sectors to adults 21 years and older to learn much-needed skills for jobs in construction, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics. And the big news is that the training is free. Monty Sullivan, President of LCTCS explained the program during his recent appearance before the Press Club of Baton Rouge.

"There are a whole range of possibilities of ways that our people can take care of themselves with a short period of training in our colleges and now the funding is there to assure that it happens in the Murphy J / Mike Foster Promise Program," Sullivan said.

Monty Sullivan Pres_LCTCS_051322.jpg
Courtesy: BR Press Club
Monty Sullivan is President for the Louisiana Community and Technical College System

The state legislature has allocated $10.5 million for the program named after the late Governor Mike Foster who is considered the father of Louisiana’s college system. The MJ Foster Promise Program is the first program of its kind in state history. The program is aimed at persons 21 years or older who lack a degree and fall within lower-income levels.

Sullivan said about 4,000 applications have been received for the 2 year training program. The maximum benefit for students will be $6,400 enough to cover all training expenses, fees, and course materials.

Students can attend any of Louisiana’s Community and Technical Colleges across the state as well as LSU at Eunice, Southern University at Shreveport, and approved proprietary schools. There are some eligibility requirements and to learn more: www.mjfosterpromise.com