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Arkansas' "Trigger Law" on Abortion and Possible Ripple Effect On Women's Healthcare

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“TRIGGER LAWS” - Arkansas has a law on the books that would go into effect should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn legal abortion. During an appearance last night on PBS News Hour, Arkansas State Attorney General Leslie Rutledge explained how that would work.

"The 'trigger law' essentially says that in Arkansas, as attorney general for the state, I will certify that that is what the Supreme Court of the United States has done, has overturned Roe v. Wade and Casey which would allow us to have a total ban on abortions in effect. A total ban except to save the life of a mother in a medical emergency," Rutledge said.

Courtesy: PBS Newshour
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (R) is running for Lt. Governor.

Pregnancies caused by rape or incest would not be eligible for legal abortion in Arkansas. Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana are among thirteen states that have enacted "trigger laws " that would ban nearly all abortions if Roe versus Wade is overturned.