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Mobile Gaming Apps Not Included In LA Compulsive Gambling Prevention Program

Courtesy: LACG

MOBILE APPS GAMBLING- Louisiana is ranked as America's sixth-most gambling-addicted state. That’s according to a survey released Tuesday by WalletHub.com, a personal finance website.

This recent study comes after Louisiana's largest gambling expansion in three decades: that is sports gambling in casino sportsbooks and on mobile cellphone apps. Louisiana's Legislature is debating a bill to require a program that bans gambling addicts from casinos to be adopted by mobile sports betting operators. Senate Bill 290 by Republican Senate President Page Cortez of Lafayette would require the state to report those who have already chosen the "self-exclusion" option from gaming promotions to mobile sports betting app operators.

1-Senate President Page Cortez_042722.jpg
Courtesy: LA Senate Video Archive
Louisiana Senate President Page Cortez (R) of Lafayette is the sponsor of SB-290 which would include all mobile betting apps in Louisiana's compulsive gambling program.

“What this legislation does is it allows them to share, the operators, the licensees to share with the operators and the identity companies that a particular person has wanted to be excluded from gaming,” Cortez said.

The Senate Judiciary B Committee advanced the measure without objection. The last study commissioned by the Louisiana Department of Health's Office of Behavioral Health in 2016 estimated as many as 280,000 adults may be involved in problem gambling.