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Texas Voter Registration Deadline January 31st

Chuck Smith / Red River Radio

TEXAS VOTER REGISTRATION - The deadline for Texans to register to vote in the March 1st primary elections is fast approaching. Those who want to cast a ballot have less than two weeks to register. Sam Taylor is with the Texas Secretary of State’s office. He says since Texas is an open primary state, anyone registered can vote in any primary they want to—whether they’re a Republican or Democrat.

“The only catch is that if you vote in one party's primary you can only vote in that party's primary runoff.," Taylor said. "So, we've got a Primary Election Day on March first. You can walk into a polling place, choose whether you want to vote in the Democratic or the Republican primary, and then cast a ballot for whichever candidate you want to see on the general election ballot.”

So if you’re living in Texas and want to vote in the upcoming primaries, you have until January 31st to submit applications to your county registrar's office. If you’re not sure if you’re registered, Texas Secretary of State Spokesman Taylor says voters can find out online.

Courtesy: Texas Secretary of State

"The best way for voters to get started is go to www.votetexas.gov, and you'll see a link that says 'am I registered?' You click on that, enter your information. Really all you've got to enter is your first name, your last name, your date of birth, and your zip code,"   Taylor explained.                           

Taylor says voters can register online or in-person when updating their Texas driver's license or state identification card with the Department of Public Safety. And to see if you’re registered or for more information you can go to the website:

www.vote.gov, click on your state and follow the prompts.