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Mom Demands Answers In Son's Death During Arrest By LA Troopers

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Courtesy: AP Photo

RONALD GREENE’S 2019 DEATH — The Louisiana Senate Committee on State Police Oversight reconvened yesterday to hear testimony from State Police officials and others involved in the investigation of the 2019 death of black motorist Ronald Greene who died while in the custody of Louisiana Troopers. At one point during the proceedings, Greene’s mother Mona Hardin chastised Louisiana state lawmakers for not acting quickly enough to hold state troopers accountable for her son’s deadly 2019 arrest.

"I thank God for the fact I was able to see, after a year, the film of my Ronnie being tased and tortured," Hardin said. "I thank God for the opportunity going on almost three years. I shouldn't have to be wandering around on such a thick level, such a thick cloud of lies."

Mona Hardin_Ronald Greene's Mom_121321.jpg
Courtesy: LA Senate Video Archive
Mona Hardin (L) gives testimony about seeing body-cam video of her son Ronald Greene after he was beaten, tased, and dragged by Louisiana State Troopers.

Other testimony came from a Louisiana State Police detective who was the lead investigator in Greene’s death and said that his superiors ignored his recommendations from an investigation although he was prevented from naming anything specific due to pending cases.

Greene’s mother was referring to the body-camera video published by the Associated Press that showed several white officers punching, tasing, and dragging Greene who was handcuffed and in their custody after a high-speed chase ended near Monroe, Louisiana in 2019. Troopers initially blamed Greene's death on injuries sustained from crashing his vehicle while trying to elude troopers.

Greene’s mother said her son died as a result of a murder that's been covered up, and mired in bureaucracy. Her testimony to a legislative panel underscored the tension building in Louisiana as prosecutors prepare to seek the first criminal charges in the case.