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LSUS Professor Honored For Book On Napoleonic Wars

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 LSUS AUTHOR HONORED-   The Napoleonic Wars  that occurred between the years 1803 to 1815,   were a series of major European conflicts between the French Empire and England along with an array of European powers for control of the continent.   Named  after  French military leader and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte,  the outcome of the Napoleonic Wars would shape the world we live in today and a local author from Shreveport has written a book that examines these influences.

Doctor  Alexander  Mikaberidze  is a history professor at Louisiana State University in Shreveport,  his latest work is titled  “The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History”. Dr. Mikaberidze  has  recently been named recipient of the Society for Military History’s 2021 Distinguished Book Award for Non-American History.  He explains what makes his book different from other works on Napoleon.

"But over the years I've come to the conclusion that this (traditional) story is not telling you the whole picture of why this story is so important." Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze, LSUS History Professor and Author: "The Napoleonic Wars - A Global History"

"When we open a book on Napoleon or about Napoleonic Wars, what you get is a more traditional narrative focused on France, maybe Britain, but still contained within the European confines," Mikaberidze said. "But over the years I've come to the conclusion that this story is not telling you the whole picture of why this story is so important."

Credit Courtesy: Dr. Mikaberidze-YouTube
Courtesy: Dr. Mikaberidze-YouTube
Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze, History Professor - Louisiana State University in Shreveport

The book offers insight as to the global impact Napoleon had beyond Europe by influencing the development of other countries such as India, Brazil, and the United States and how those impacts are still felt today.  Dr. Mikabridze has written several books on the topic of Napoleon,  but his recent honor from the Society for Military History is a major recognition as his work was judged by other military history writers.  

"Society of Military History is the professional organization uniting military historians, scholars who are working hard in this field and to have my own colleagues and peers evaluate my work and then to judge it as one of the best publications of the year is truly an amazing thing," Mikaberidze said.

Credit Courtesy: Amazon
Courtesy: Amazon

Dr. Mikaberidze said no book signing date has been set due to the pandemic but hopes one can be arranged in the not-too-distant future.  In the meantime, “The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History” is available through Barnes and Nobles bookseller stores and also online through Amazon.

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