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Gov Edwards Tightens Restrictions As Covid-19 Surges In Louisiana

Courtesy: LDH

  COVID-19 RISING - Louisiana  Gov. John Bel Edwards is toughening restrictions on businesses and gatherings as Louisiana sees a third spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.  The state is matching the trend happening across the country as health officials everywhere are concerned  the sudden rise in Covid-19 hospitalizations could threaten hospital capacity.

"As we approach Thanksgiving in the just acouple of days and then tranisition into Christmas, and Hanukah, and New Year's and so forth, we really got to pay attention to this now to make sure we don't overrun our hospitals' capacity to deliver care," Edwards explained.

"We know that these things work but we got to have more compliance, more adherence to the restrictions and mitigation measures." La. Governor John Bel Edwards

Credit Courtesy: LPB
Courtesy: LPB
Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana

During his Covid-19 update yesterday afternoon the Democratic governor announced a roll-back from Phase 3 restrictions to a modified Phase 2.  Edwards explained the measure is to lower  the Covid-19 infection rate which has been rising and is expected to rise even more as people gather for holiday celebrations.

"We are in a for a rough patch and the degree to which we flatten the curve and in fact whether or not we're successful is going to depend upon what every Louisianian does in response to this announcement today," Edwards said.

Credit Courtesy: LDH
Courtesy: LDH
COVID-19 MITIGATION MEASURES - Wearing multi-layered protective face coverings is a part of Governor John Bel Edwards'  modified Phase 2 order issued 11.24.20.

The governor’s new modified Phase Two order is decreasing customers allowed at restaurants, gyms, salons, casinos, malls and other nonessential businesses from 75% of their occupancy rate to 50%.   Crowds at churches will be capped at 75% of their capacity.  Most bars will be limited to takeout, delivery and outside seating. The new Phase 2 restrictions require parishes to have low percentages of coronavirus tests returning  positive  5% or lower  to  allow indoor drinking at bars.   High school football game crowd sizes will shrink to 25%. The new rules take effect Wednesday and expire Dec. 23.  Edwards stressed that the mitigation measures have worked before and should work again.

"I'm asking the people of Louisiana to do something for the very first time here," Edwards said. "We know that these things work but we got to have more compliance, more adherence to the restrictions and mitigation measures."


• Sporting events are limited to 25% capacity
• Gyms and fitness center limited to 50% capacity
• Restaurants, coffee shops, cafes limited to 50% capacity
• Casinos and video poker are limited to 50% capacity
• Non-essential retail is limited to 50% capacity
• Churches and places of worship limited to 75% capacity
• Indoor gatherings limited to 25% occupancy or up to 75 people
• Outdoor gatherings limited to 25% occupancy or up to 150 people
• Bars can be open to on-premises inside consumption for parishes under 5% positivity. Bars with positivity OVER 5% can do outdoor consumption. Still capped at 25% capacity.

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