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La. Unemployment Claims Triple In Wake Of Coronavirus

Courtesy: La. Workforce Commission

LA UNEMPLOYMENT DUE TO CORONAVIRUS MITIGATION -  With the closure of several businesses in the hospitality industry due to the Coronavirus mitigation measures mandated by the state,  thousands of Louisianans will likely be facing unemployment. Yesterday The Louisiana Workforce Commission released new policies which may make more people eligible for unemployment insurance.

At a press conference yesterday,  Louisiana Workforce Commission Secretary Ava Dejoie  made  the announcement explaining the new unemployment benefit policies.

There has been a spike in calls to Louisiana’s Workforce Commission offices.  According to Dejoie  - 3,600 people had called about first-time or continuing 

Credit Courtesy: La. Workforce Commission
Courtesy: La. Workforce Commission
Ava Dejoie, Secretary for Louisiana Workforce Commission announcing changes in unemployment eligibility policy on Tuesday, 03/17/20.

unemployment between Monday and Tuesday, compared to  1,698 initial unemployment claims for the week ending March 7th.  The sheer number of first-time filers has caused the website to crash a few times.  Dejoie  said  this  experience is unusual for her agency.

Dejoie  said  anyone  who files an initial claim by Saturday and says they lost work because of the coronavirus will receive their first unemployment check in three to five days. Normally, there is a one-week waiting period, but claims are being reviewed immediately. The maximum weekly benefit is $247.   Twenty-five new staff members have been placed to help handle the volume of phone calls and office  hours have been extended  to 7 p.m.  To file an initial claim, go to louisianaworks.net/hire.
For unemployment insurance eligibility information  click:  www.laworks.net