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Shreveport Councilwoman Defends Her Voting Record Amid Recall Effort

Courtesy: Facebook

RECALL EFFORT -    There were two press conferences held at government plaza in downtown Shreveport yesterday.  One was by a group who are organizing a recall of city councilwoman  LeVette Fuller who represents District B  for her recent deciding vote against a proposal to have a binding memorandum of understanding between the city and a developer who wants to build a mixed-use residential, commercial and recreational project along Cross Bayou just north of downtown.  The developer wants the city to acquire 88 acres to facilitate the estimated $1 Billion-dollar-plus project.  The memorandum would’ve allowed Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins to openly negotiate with the developer but Fuller, a Democrat has said she felt the plan lacked details and sided with 3 Republican councilmen and voted no.  The recall group is led by Pastor Linus Mayes whose church is in Fuller’s district.  

Credit Courtesy: Shreveport Times
Courtesy: Shreveport Times
LEADING RECALL EFFORT - Pastor Linus Mayes (Ctr) about to read a statement at a press event before Shreveport Government Plaza downtown Monday 02/03/20.

"We want Miss Fuller to defend her record of continuously voting against jobs, against growth, agiainst the interests of  African-American people, and the poor," Mayes stated during the press event. 

Pastor  Mayes  was  referring to the estimated 14,000 jobs the developer Gateway Consortium has said the Cross Bayou Point project would create.  During her press conference,  Councilman Fuller defended her recent vote.  When asked about the recall initiative that has become a mix of partisan and racial politics, Fuller had this to say:

"We need to understand why they are trying to slander me instead of bringing more facts about their project," Fuller said. "Who places blame outside when they haven't done their homework?"

Pastor Mayes and recall supporters  refused  to  take  questions  from  the media.  Councilwoman Fuller  announced  she'll  be  holding  a series of meetings  with  constituents  regarding  her voting record  and council business.  She will finish with a town hall  on March 14th.  Her District B  seat includes  downtown,  Highland and Stoner Hill areas which historically,   has been considered a swing vote  on  the  council.   The organizers wanting to recall Fuller will  have  to  gather  signatures  from  about 5,400  registered  voters  in  District  B.