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Some Texas Voting Machines May Have Cyber Insecurities

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

TEXAS  VOTING MACHINE CYBER-SECURITY?  Several  advocacy groups  are calling on more than two dozen Texas counties  to  adopt  paper-based  voting machines ahead of the  2020 elections. Jamila Benkato  is with  Protect Democracy, one of the organizations that sent letters to local officials. She explains the counties  they  contacted use two types of paperless voting machines that are known to have physical and cyber insecurities.  

"The counties that we sent the letter to, are counties that currently use paperless systems, which are entirely digital systems" Benkato said. "So there is no backup or paper record of a vote and that means that those systems can not be audited." 

Benkato  says  the  counties they reached out to  are  not  the  only  ones  that  use paperless machines in Texas, but many are among the  most  populous  in  the  state. 

"In Texas, many of these particular machines are actually very old," explained Benkato. "So they were purchased back in 2005, and sometimes even before so they’re like using a laptop from 2005." 

Among those  29 counties contacted included  East Texas  Counties  Cass, Fannin, and Upshur.