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'Second Chance Diploma' delves into the world of the GED

American RadioWorks

A new radio documentary about the GED finds that the high school equivalency credential may not be serving its purpose. Emily Hanford co-produced the American RadioWorks documentary “Second Chance Diploma.”

“We don’t have a good system to really help people who’ve dropped out of high school get a good second chance in this country. And, we have as a nation relied very heavily on the GED for a long time," Hanford said.

Hanford spent months researching the test and talking with high school dropouts who have tried to pass it. She found that even if they get their General Educational Development (GED), it may not be a reliable stepping stone to higher education. But she also found that people who lack the GED are being shut out of low-wage jobs.

“They’re just really in a pinch right now in a way that they haven’t been before. It’s been changing over the past several decades that education and skills -- not just credentials, but skills -- are increasingly important to really make it out in the world," Hanford said.

The documentary "Second Chance Diploma" airs Sunday, Oct. 13, at 6 p.m. on Red River Radio.

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