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Shreveport marathoner describes the chaotic scene in Boston

More than a dozen runners from the Ark-La-Tex finished the Boston Marathon, according to the race’s website. Six-time Boston Marathoner Laura Nanda of Shreveport was unharmed after two explosions at the finish line. Nanda described where was when the bombs went off.

“I crossed the finish line like a normal marathon. You walk down for several blocks to collect the things they give you – your medal, Mylar blanket and food. At the very end is your baggage pickup. It takes awhile to get your bag. I got my bag, changed, and then called my husband to let him know I’d made it and everything was fine. I turned around and walked toward the finish line. That’s the way you get out of there.

“As I was walking back, I turned to the left and heard two loud explosions. I thought it was odd, but I certainly didn’t think that there was a bomb at this marathon. I thought it was a construction accident because there was a construction site not too far away.”

Nanda and her husband left their hotel and stayed in Andover, Mass., last night. She said the roads were eerily empty as they drove out of the city.

Nanda said she will return to Boston next year to run the race, and other big city marathons, just as she has for nearly three decades.