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Peace Talk Radio: Steering Our Youngsters Away From Sexual Misconduct

Airs Sunday, April 29, 2018, at 6 p.m. Peace Talks Radio host Paul Ingles talks with two therapists - Kathryn Stamoulis, from Hunter College in New York City and Jennifer Weeks, director of Sexual Addiction Treatment Services in Pennsylvania about how to talk to youngsters about sexual harassment and unwanted sexual behavior. The conversation aims at setting a framework early on, so when our young people are adults, there may be less of the kind of sexual abuse, intimidation, insensitive advances that made news dramatically in 2017. It's been a big part of the national conversation since.
- helping steer boys away from misogyny 
- helping steer girls toward asserting their own power in relationships
- helping both genders filter their exposure to pornography and other sexually explicit media
- helping them to go beyond the taboo mentality about conflicts around sex
- helping them talk about it with each other and avoid the pitfalls, and yes, still enjoy the sexual experience in healthy relationships.