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Texas Shakespeare Festival: A Christmas Carol for Radio


Airs Friday, December 25, at 7 p.m. The Texas Shakespeare Festival present a radio production of A Christmas Carol featuring Micah Goodding as our narrator, Rick Higginbotham as Scrooge, Jason Richards in multiple roles as Bob Cratchit, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Old Fezziwig, Belinda, Topper, a Businessman #1, and Old Joe. Matthew Simpson will play the roles of Fred, Marley, the Young Scrooge, Ghost of Christmas Present, Peter Cratchit, and Tiny Tim, a Businessman, and the Boy in the Street. Meaghan Simpson plays the roles of a Solicitor, a Fan, a Belle, Mrs. Cratchit, Scrooge's Sister, a Businessman, and Mrs. Dilber. Kevin Calhoun is the Stage Manager, Shelby Gilliam is our Foley Artist and takes the roles of Martha Cratchit - Fred's Wife, and Robin Nipper was the Assistant Stage Manager for this production.