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Bullied: Teen Stories

Phoebe Prince, A 15-year-old who committed suicide on January 14, 2010 after being relentlessly bullied.

Airs Monday, April 16 at 8:00 p.m.  Bullying isn’t a new story, but lately, it is all over the news. And while young people are often the targets and the actors in bullying, we rarely get to hear their perspectives in the media. Bullied: Teen Stories is changing that. This hour-long special produced in collaboration with WNPR includes stories from teens with first-hand insight on bullying. From being called "Osama" in a Boston classroom, to looking at whether bullying prevention programs really work in Anchorage, youth producers from around the globe help show us what we don’t we understand – but need to – about bullying. Join teen hosts Council Brandon and Peython Echelson-Russell for an hour of thought-provoking stories, interviews and teen perspectives on bullying.

Your Hosts:

Council Brandon is a freshman at Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut. She lives in Hartford with her parents, two brothers, and one cat. She enjoys acting, directing, dancing, writing, reading, photography, and plays soccer, basketball and tennis. She was very excited to do this project because she wanted to give youth a voice on bullying, and would like to continue to do so throughout the rest of her life.

Peython Echelson-Russell is a 17 year-old high school senior.  Co-chair of his school’s GSA  (Gay Straight Alliance), he also participates in the Connecticut Youth Forum and is a student representative on the Connecticut Forum Advisory Committee.  A talented musician and actor, Peython  has performed extensively in school and community musical theatre productions as well as in the school band.  Having sung in school and community choirs for many years, he has also participated in multiple honors choruses.  Peython intends to major in music education at college while continuing to pursue his strong personal commitment to human rights and justice.

Get Help: Resources for Teen, Parents & Educators

Comprehensive list of bullying resources

Anti-Bullying Resources from GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and
Straight Education Network
Stopbullying.gov:  phone numbers and contacts for getting help
Bully: The website for Lee Hirsch's powerful 2012 documentary contains a
list of anti-bullying resources
Bullying and Violence from DoSomething.org, a site for helping young
people take action

Global Bullying Stories from LatitudeNews.com Would Phoebe Prince be alive if she had lived in Sweden? Fifteen year old Yasmine Gustafsson thinks so. Story from Latitude News. See more international stories on bullying at Latitude News.