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Covid Vaccine Required At Some Louisiana Universities

LSU VACCINE REQUIREMENT-   With Covid cases surging all over the country,  administrations  at colleges and universities  had been debating whether vaccines should be required for on-campus students, faculty and staff.   The  game changer  happened  earlier  this week as the Pfizer vaccine has received full approval by the Food and Drug Administration.   LSU  President  William Tate, IV   said during a recent media briefing  at LSU Health Shreveport,    where he stood on students getting vaccinated.

“The position we have at LSU is that once it’s FDA-approved, we’re going to ask that all of our students take the vaccination as part of a process of enrollment," Tate said.

Even with FDA Approval, there will still likely be some vaccine hesitancy  to  which  Tate  had this to say.

"The position we have at LSU is that once it's FDA-approved, we're going to ask that all of our students take the vaccination as part of a process of enrollment." William Tate, IV / President of LSU

“You all know that vaccinations have long, long been a part of the process of enrolling in higher education," Tate explained. "Sso adding another one to the schedule if it is going to keep the students safe, keep the staff and faculty safe is the thing to do.”

Credit Courtesy: LSU Health-Shreveport
Courtesy: LSU Health-Shreveport
William Tate, IV / President of LSU

The administration at LSU Shreveport has recently released a statement concerning the Covid vaccine requirement for the fall semester. 

Because the vaccine has received the formal approval,  we will move consistent with the state in regards to our employees and consistent with LSU in regards to our students to require the vaccinations for all faculty, staff, and students," explained Larry Clark, Chancellor for LSUS.

Students  will  have to submit proof of their first vaccination or formally opt out via the exemption/waiver form and be required to get tested  for  Covid  on a regular basis.  LSUS is holding vaccine events on campus,  the first will take place August 27th and students who get vaccinated at this event will receive $100 Visa gift card once they receive both shots, the “Take Your Shot for 100” incentive is sponsored by the State of Louisiana.

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