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Couple Celebrating 50th Valentine's Day

News Reporter Alaina Atnip interviews Donnie and Becki Hanley of Shreveport, Louisiana for their 50th Valentine's Day together.

Today, the average length of a marriage is only eight years, but this Shreveport local couple will celebrate their 50th Valentine’s day together this year.

Donnie and Becki Hanley first crossed paths during their high school years at Bolton High in Alexandria, LA. Their connection blossomed over shared values and mutual respect, solidifying during college.

Donnie: To me, this was a God thing. Her dad was stationed at Fort Polk. There was this one day- it was a Sunday afternoon, I believe, and my best friend and I, we were going to ride horses. And he says, “Oh I know of some girls that are new to the area, and why don’t we ride over there, if wasn’t too far.” So that’s when I first met Becki. And it just kind of went from there. We were both in high school and begin to like each other. And back then you had a, you know, a little bracelet. So eventually, I gave her my bracelet. She wore that around. We would write notes to each other, we were in different classes. And we would give these notes to each other. I still have some of them.

Both deeply involved in their church, Donnie leads worship while Becki accompanies on the piano.

Donnie: Music- it’s another way we’ve been able to be together. I really cherish being in the house and Becki is playing the piano, you know, and I get to be the audience. And she of course shares that with the church all the time, and that’s been a real neat thing.

Their devotion extends beyond their spiritual life; they've raised two children and delight in their growing number of grandchildren. Professionally, they both contribute to the Caddo School System, enriching lives through education and service. Their journey reflects a commitment to love, faith, and community, inspiring those around them as well as each other.

Becki: I would think with Donnie, he always wants to look on the positive side of things. You know, he wants to give everybody a fair chance, but he is very positive and encouraging. 

Donnie: And for Becki, I mean, she’s just a good helper. She gives me good advice. She’s good about pointing out what the scripture says about giving, you know. And I just, you know, I don’t know if she knows this but I just like to look at her. I do! All my life, all our time together, I just like her.

The couple has kept their Valentine’s Days plans simple and sweet.

SOT plans Donnie: I’ll take cards and I’ll write a little note for this year. And then I’ll have the same card and I’ll write another- I have some cards that have three or four years on them! But I kind of like that because you can go back and read them. 

Becki: It’s another good time to go out to eat, right?

Donnie: Yeah! Big part of our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. With Red River Radio News, this is Alaina Atnip.