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Louisiana nonprofit compensation report tracks salary trends statewide


A new report from the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO) compiled salary and benefit ranges for more than 100 nonprofit jobs in the state. LANO produced the 115-page report with statistical analysis from Columbia Books. LANO vice president Matt Mullenix said the purpose is to provide the state’s nonprofit boards, employees and donors with the most up-to-date compensation data to inform budgeting and staffing.

“Ultimately, the goal is to have a year-to-year, very in-depth, very deep and statistically sound source of revenue and compensation information that would let boards make the most strategic and the most successful decisions they can make," Mullenix said.

Louisiana has about 20,000 nonprofit organizations. Mullenix said 880 organizations were surveyed this spring. Many of the respondents came from within LANO’s membership ranks. The report revealed less than half of the nonprofits surveyed were able to provide their employees with cost of living raises this year. Mullenix found that to be a troubling trend among the state's nonprofits.

“To the extent that you want to keep those mission-centered people at the job that you need them to do you’ve got to at least keep up with the standard of living," Mullenix said.

The report provides detailed job descriptions and tracks trends in pay levels and benefits adjusted for the size and location of the nonprofit. The “Compensation Report: An Analysis of Nonprofits in Louisiana” is an electronic publication, and available for $150 or at a 50 percent discount to LANO's membership.