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Board of Supervisors Meeting Policies



Section 1. Regular Meetings.  The Board of Supervisors shall hold at least six regular meetings in each calendar year, but at least one regular meeting shall be held in each quarter of the calendar year. Other meetings of the Board may be called and held as provided by any rule, regulation, or resolution adopted by the Board.  All regular meetings shall be held at meeting places designated by prior action of the Board. 

Section 2. Special Meetings.  Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chair of the Board at any time, or by the Secretary upon receipt of a written request therefore signed by nine (9) members and specifying the purpose of the desired meeting.  Notification shall be sent by mail to each member at least three (3) calendar days before the time of the meeting. 

The Board shall not act upon any matter not embraced in the notice for a special meeting except upon the vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the entire membership of the Board.  Section 3. Recessed Meetings.  All meetings may be recessed from day to day until the completion of business. 

Section 4. Quorum.  Ten (10) members of the Board, eligible to vote, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of official business.


Section 4. Meetings.  In order that all interested parties and the public may be informed of all activities of the Board, it shall be the policy of the Board that all meetings be open to all who wish to attend. Only when personnel or equally sensitive matters (e.g., litigation) are under consideration shall the Board enter into closed or executive session; provided, however, that no final or binding action shall be taken in a closed or executive session.  Prior to each regular meeting of the Board, the President shall prepare and forward to each member of the Board a tentative agenda for the meeting at least ten (10) days prior to such regular meeting.  Upon written request of three (3) members of the Board that a particular item be included, the President shall place the subject or subjects upon the agenda.  All matters requiring Board action, however, may be acted on even though not carried on the agenda. 
Each resolution shall be reduced to writing and presented to the Board before it is acted upon.  All official actions of the Board shall require the favorable vote of a majority of the Board members present and voting, and, in any event the favorable vote of at least seven (7) members.  Proxy voting is prohibited.