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SFA students fine-tune annual film project


Spring semester begins Monday at Stephen F. Austin State University, and at many other colleges in the region. Some students have spent their holiday break fine-tuning a film that will premiere in April. SFA music lecturer Herbert Midgley wrote the sci-fi film, “The Rise of the Robots.” He’s currently assisting students in the cinematography program on post-production. He says more than 100 students have had a hand in producing the feature-length film.

"Students are working on the edit of the film, as well as the special effects," Midgley said. "The music department has a sound recording program, and they'll work on the audio. The art department has a class where they worked on special effects. So it's a cross-curriculum platform of filmmaking."

Midgley held a test screening last month. From that, students shot additional scenes this week to enhance the film. He said he’s drawn to independent filmmaking because it takes a village.

"You can't make a film by yourself," Midgley said. "You have to be able to work with tons of folks who have a lot of talent, to basically make this dream come true."

The SFA student films, “The Rise of the Robots” and “Truck Month,” will be screened at the Nacogdoches Film Festival in April.