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Marianne Faithfull On Music, Mick And Survival

On her new album <em>Easy Come, Easy Go</em>, Marianne Faithfull sings a variety of cover songs.
Alain Julien
AFP / Getty Images
On her new album Easy Come, Easy Go, Marianne Faithfull sings a variety of cover songs.

Marianne Faithfull released her first album, 1964's As Tears Go By, when she was 17. The album was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the the Rolling Stones. Faithfull dated Jagger throughout the 1960s and became a fixture on the rock and roll party scene.

After struggling with an addiciton to heroin which left her living on the streets, Faithfull recovered and released several acclaimed albums, including Before the Poison and Kissin' Time. She has also appeared onstage and in films, and she wrote her autobiography, Faithfull in 1994.

Her most recent album — her 22nd overall — is Easy Come, Easy Go. Faithful sings a variety of cover songs on the album, including "The Crane Wife" by the Decemberists and "Solitude" by Billy Holiday.

These interviews originally aired Feb. 6, 2003 and Sept. 26, 1994.

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